Friday, March 24, 2017

HOW TO: Be Trendy Without Being Spendy

Listen, I know the struggle of always wanting to look your very best, having the hottest style & wanting to turn heads. However, more now then ever, I have began to learn how to make a fashion statement without crying when I get my bank statement! I have a simple rule of thumb. 
Save on trend, Spend on Classic. 
So far this "moto" if you will, hasn't failed me. Trends are exactly what they're called. They go out of style. Classic pieces never fade.
 My entire outfit it less than $100  (everything is linked below), yet I see bloggers DAILY spending $300+ on a Shirt/Scarf/Jeans. Which is a little discouraging and isn't necessary to stay on trend. 
The harsh truth is that a nice piece can automatically make you look nicer, and well put together. Whether this be shoes, a handbag, or sunglasses. However this doesn't have to cost a fortune! In this outfit it is my go-to Tory Burch handbag. I love this bag! But, this bag has taught me I never want another one that closes with a button. (It's a pain! or maybe I'm just dramatic.)
Nevertheless, splurging is great and everyone needs a good splurge every now and again. But when it comes to trends, remember my saying! After all you can be trendy, without being spendy!
xoxo, braylea

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