Sunday, May 28, 2017 / Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA

Grand Canyon National Park

Hello, Grand Canyon!!!  
Keridan and I  arrived to the Grand Canyon around 9:00am. Our first stop was to the visitors desk to get a map so we could get a game plan for which route we wanted to take, based on how long we wanted to spend there. There are many different routes that you can chose from ranging from a 5 minute hike to a week long hike all through the Canyon. 
When we got there it was fairly chilly, and as you can tell, we weren't wearing the proper foot wear so we chose the Mather Point Overlook and were impressed. There was a main look out spot, but I like seeing views without people standing by me elbow to elbow. So, we walked a little further down the path to where there was less people, and I'm so glad we did. That is where I got the first picture! 
xoxo, braylea

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