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J.Crew Stripes in Highland Park Village

Hello Y'all! I am so excited about both of this weeks blog post. Today I decided to keep it bright and fun for the Holiday with this bright & bold skirt from J.Crew. I hope everyone had a great weekend and has an even better Fourth of July! Fourth of July holds a near and dear place to my heart because that is when Connor asked me to be his girlfriend four years ago! We don't have huge plans for the fourth as of now, but we're going to plan something fun to go do at the end of summer!
Two weeks ago Connor and I took a trip to Dallas/Fort Worth to go to an art museum for one of my online classes that I am taking this summer. At first I was annoyed I had to take a "field trip" but to be honest I really enjoyed the art museum and am wondering why I have never been to one before!

This trip to the Art Museum gave me the perfect reason to wear these chunky, bold, and bright stripes. Stripes and off the shoulder tops are my favorite right now. I just can't get enough! 
Seriously, please try and tell me a color that won't match this skirt?! I'm listening..  White? Yes. Red? Yes. Yellow? Yes. Blue YES! You get the point. 

Good stripes can be hard to find. Either they're too thin, or not going the right way... Why do designers make horizontal stripes anyways? I don't know anyone who wants to be perceived thicker or more horizontally wide than they really are? That's all vertical stripes insinuate. 

I stumbled upon this skirt during the last week of spring classes in May. After binge studying for finals I rewarded myself with a little shopping sesh. It was like the Good Lord knew I was in need of some summer brights because I just happened to come across this skirt and it was randomly 40% off! Of course I had to get it! I also got this adorable hat at J.Crew because the skirt calls for it, and I earned it from studying.. remember? 

On another note, I am so so so (three so's worth) excited to share with y'all my "HOW TO: Take a Six Day Road Trip on $300" blog post. It will be live on the blog this Friday and will have every single detail on how I planned our trip as well as the apps we used and a cost breakdown! My longest blog post yet! Stay tuned!! 

Talk again Friday, 

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