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Floral Shorts Fun

Good Morning Friends, let's talk!
I have began getting so much more support and a following on my blog and that in itself makes my heart sing! Sweet Southern Vogue is like my baby per say. I love it, I spend hours upon hours with it and truly want it to be SO successful. 

My last blog post was my grand announcement for joining the RewardStyle influencing team, if you don't know what that is or means check out the blog post here. The post before the announcement "Wednesday Pick Me Up" was my second amazing collaboration with another amazing boutique and I am so blessed to even be saying those two things so early on my blogging journey.
One of the many reasons I wanted to start this blog, aside from simply loving playing dress up, is being passionate to share looks that inspire you.  Not only because you love the look or the way I styled something but the bigger goal is to help you create an amazing outfit that is budget friendly. You don't have to spend $150 on a name brand scarf to feel like you have the cutest fall outfit on.  Or like you have to buy $200 ray-bans to feel you have the most popular sunglasses. These I'm wearing are the exact same frame for $13 and I feel like a total smoke show wearing them. I have always had a love for fashion but I also have a love for having money in my pockets so I had to figure out a way to look well put together at an affordable price and my goal is for Sweet Southern Vogue to be able to help you do that too! 

Another reason (of the many) for creating Sweet Southern Vogue is I wanted something to call my own. I have been lucky enough to be involved in amazing opportunities and have helped with tons of other peoples hobbies/professions/businesses but have always wanted something that is mine. I have and always will put 110% in everything I do whether it be my own or someone else's. That being said, I constantly ran into the thought 'why not make something for myself.' I would have amazing ideas of things I would want other people to do with their business (or hobby/passion) but at the end of the day it is theirs, not mine. So here I am on MY blog, loving every second of it.

 I appreciate you guys more than you can possibly know, it is you reading this very sentence that makes my blogging dreams come true! Okay, got that off my chest! I just want you guys to know how much I appreciate you for supporting my little dream.

Now.. about the outfit: I have had these shorts for a while now because #1 I have a rule that if it hasn't been posted on the blog yet I don't wear it. That is because sometimes I miss my mouth while eating and that only happens when I'm wearing something new or white. Can anyone else relate? To be honest these shorts gave me a little bit of a run for my money when looking for something to pair with them because they are so bold. I thought about wearing this white cold shoulder top  like in my upcoming post "The Minimalist" going live next monday but since it has already been worn I decided on this top instead. I also thought these feminine lace tanks here and here would be gorgeous with the shorts as well but don't have either of them hanging in my closet (yet.)

Thank you for taking the time to read, talk again soon!
xoxo, braylea

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