Monday, October 9, 2017

To the Girl Who Can't Keep Up with Much

College is all about learning what you like and don't like. Mostly how you dislike studying and like instagramming/pinteresting/online shopping/hanging with friends, and the list could go on for hours but that's beside the point. I've learned in many cases I would much rather carry minimal, rather than carrying a handbag. 

As long as I have my ID, credit card, house key and a few dollar bills for someones tip, I'm unstoppable. The rest of the stuff, lipgloss, lipstick, deoterant and all of the other things we girls like to bring with us. Well, those things go to your best friend. The one that takes her massive purse/half her closet everywhere she goes. We all have that friend!

Don't get me wrong I love a nice handbag. I just got this one featured in todays post and I'm obsessed with it but I use my key fob/card case/keychain wallet every. single. day. It is my safe haven. I love having everything I need right on my car keys, with a handy key ring, that I can stick my little pinky through and I have all hands free!

I got a keychain wallet as soon as I got the keys to my very first car and plan on having one forever. I've linked similar in the 'shop the post' gadget at the end of this post ranging from $10-$115!

Y'all, you NEED a keychain wallet. This Rebecca Minkoff one is adorable and under $40 and I just found this Tory Burch Card Case Key Fob, that you can personalize and it has the cutest little tassel! I'm thinking this is going to have to be my next one. I'm obsessed and it would also make a great gift!

Now that you're headed to find the perfect keychain wallet for you, let me first ask, is anyone just baffled to see me wearing C A M O? Wait. You can actually see me? Just kidding haha

I love this camo dress and wear it all the time with everything and during all seasons. I love a good t-shirt dress. Who knew camo could actually be worn in a way that is aesthetically pleasing? I have had this dress for years but have linked similar camo dresses that you'll want to dive right into as well.

xx, braylea

Keychain Wallets

Fabulous Camo  


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