Monday, December 11, 2017

One Shirt Three Outfits | Packing Tips

I felt this post was perfect to publish right before everyone begins packing up their closets to head home for Christmas! I have a few rules I go by when packing. Whether it be packing to go on a trip, staying the night with someone or going home for the Holidays.  Hopefully this post can help you next time you're having to pack!

Rule #1 
Pack things that coordinate together.
 Outfit pieces that are in the same color scheme, prints that match and easy pieces to layer are some of the things I consider when packing. When I say "layer" you probably think Winter but this goes for Summer and Spring too! Shorts & a cover up are layering pieces! 

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Rule #2
 Try and pack pieces that can be worn in at least three different ways.  


I am obsessed with this look so much so, that I will be sharing it styled on the blog within the next few days! I think it is perfect for anything Christmas related!


This look is exactly what I named it. Supper casual and fail proof. It's an outfit you can get away with  throwing your hair on top of your head and walking out the door. The outfit speaks for itself.


I think this is an excellent dinner look because of the "extras" with it. I found this gucci belt dupe a few months ago and have been in love with it ever since. I have it styled in a completely different way in this post for reference. I also love the flirty-ness of adding a pop of leopard every now and then!


Here are a few tips I've learned throughout the years. 

One Hanger One Piece of Clothing 

If you're like me and have two separate homes sometimes your things get scattered throughout the holidays. Sweaters get left at moms, while shoes and scarfs are pilled in the floor in your room at Dads. I'm not a slob, I just get busy.... How I keep up with all my hanging clothes is by using a hanger for every piece of clothing. (Mostly day clothes, not as worried about night clothes.) 

By doing this, when I am packing up to leave to come back to college I know exactly how many things I'm missing. If I have one hanger that doesn't have a piece of clothing on it then clearly I'm missing a sweater or pair of pants, etc. 

Plan Ahead

Lay out your full outfits before packing them up to ensure you have every piece. Tops, bottoms, shoes and jewelry. There's nothing worse then having an everything you need for your outfit, except the shoes that make the outfit. *Eye Rolls* 

When packing my jewelry I typically just use a few Kendra Scott bags. You know, the blue ones they come in? I loop it around the hanger of whatever shirt I plan to wear the jewelry with, might as well get some use out of those little guys! I've also found some really nice travel jewelry holders I'd like to invest in eventually. Connor and I got this WOLF travel jewelry case for my roommate for her college graduation last semester! This one looks nice and so does this one! These would make great gifts

This plaid button up from J.Crew is one of my favorite shirts I wear during the colder months! It's under $25 and clearly you can get your money out of it! I hope this post was helpful to you and you can refer back to it the next time you are packing! If you enjoyed today's post and my packing tips let me know, I would love to hear from you! 

xoxo, braylea 

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