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2017 was an amazing year for me.

Last year was also my first full year of blogging and I plan on sharing the 10 things I've learned in a years time, sometime next week!

Let me start this first by saying my first year of blogging has been everything I've wanted and more. I might not have grown as much as I wanted or had as many collaborations as I wished for but if everything is always how you want it, what do you have to look forward to? Last year was perfect for me, it was an amazing year of growth!

Here are some of my favorite blog post of 2017!
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Starting with my niche in March with the blog post "How to be Trendy Without being Spendy." I shared the motto I go by 'save on trend, spend on classic'. If you can remember this your bank account will forever thank you!

May of 2017 houses some of my favorite memories on the blog right now and it's when Keridan and I took out first week long road trip. We traveled for 7 days straight and plan to continue to do this until we've seen all 50 states!

First stop:
Denver, CO

Horseshoe Bend, AZ (click to see post)
As far as scenic views this has to be my favorite places I've visited yet!

Phoenix, AZ
I loved Phoenix. Mostly because the Airbnb we stayed in was an absolute dream, from the lake and kayaks at the back door, to the adorable Husky named Shadow that greeted us every time he saw us. I also loved the city vibes, not to mention the 8 foot cactus everywhere!

The Grand Canyon, AZ 
Keridan and I both enjoyed The Grand Canyon but it didn't quite meet our expectations, so we were left a little disappointed. It's like you hear about this GRAND Canyon your whole life in History class, etc and then we got there and it really wasn't that Grand. Beautiful & big indeed, but not grand. When I think GRAND I don't think bare/boring.  However if you ever get the chance to visit, accept the offer to see it for yourself!

White Sands National Monument, NM

In the heat of June I shared a classy way to wear a two piece set in blog post.
"Dressing up a Two Piece Set"

I also had an amazing collaboration with The Roost Boutique in San Angelo, TX and featured two of their pieces in the post.

B&W Striped Maxi Skirt 

Tassel Off the Shoulder Blouse 

In July I posted one of my most popular post to date.  How to Take a 6 Day Road trip on $300, this post was exceptionally popular because I think most people enjoy traveling and ALL people enjoy saving money so it went hand in hand. As I've mentioned before, Keridan and I plan on traveling to all 50 states and started road tripping last summer to conquer that goal. I'm about to start a new blog series on "How to Plan a Road Trip." This series will feature all of my tips and tricks as well as every single step I take to plan our trip.

How to Plan a Six Day Road Trip on $300

In August I was invited to join the RewardStyle, team to be an influencer. That has been my biggest blogging success yet! You can read the post to learn more about why it is such a big deal and what is on this post below!


I began September sharing my very first recipe on Sweet Southern Vogue and ironically it was an iced coffee. Can you say "Basic White Girl?" haha

How to: Make a Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato at Home

October was another great month in 2017 and here are a few blog post I shared.

Trendy Athletic Wear

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta 
See our Albuquerque Vlog HERE

If Fall was a Sweater

The Trend You Have to Try

And then the best month of all NOVEMBER, my birth month!!

I started off the month by sharing this amazing sweater featured in the blog post
Fur Embellishments

Shared a few gift guides for my fellow shoppers in post
Christmas Gift Guide for Her

Christmas Gift Guide for Him 

Shared a must have designer dupe in the post-
The Belt You Have to Add to your Closet

To tie up one amazing year December couldn't have been any better.

Christmas Pajamas 
To start off December I shared Christmas Pajamas for you and your family.

and then since I knew everyone was about to head somewhere for the Holidays I shared my packing tips and one shirt styled three completely different ways. As well as one of the outfits featured in this post on me, in the post "Headed to a Holiday Event?"

One Shirt Three Outfits | Packing Tips

Headed to a Holiday Event?

Winter Red
One gorgeous red blouse perfect for Christmas or New Years.

Blessing Bags
To end the year how everyone should end the year. GIVING! I shared my favorite way to give to those who have nothing to give, with Blessing Bags. It is such a quick and easy concept, not to mention cheap!

In 2017 I had the best year blogging and in life in general but 2018 is going to be a huge year for me. This year I'm going to turn 21 years old. How can that even be possible? I struggled a little with 20..  Hopefully go to New York during the Christmas time. Take another amazing road trip and live my life to the complete fullest! Tomorrow isn't promised so make the best out of today!

 Thank you so much for sharing 2017 with me and I can't wait to share this year with you!

xoxo, braylea


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