Friday, January 26, 2018 / Angel Fire, NM, USA

Winter Jackets that aren't Ugly..

Hello Sweet Friends!
 I'm a little late posting but I took these pictures while in Angel Fire, NM over Winter Break for this blog post about winter jackets that aren't ugly. I've mentioned how much I dislike jackets in a few different post and have explained why. But if you missed those post here's my dilemma. They're not flattering. They're bulky. They cover the master piece outfit you spent days, hours or minutes creating. Simple as that.

I could get away with not wearing a jacket for the most part in Graham. The winters were mild. However living in Lubbock is a whole other story! The cold weather is also inevideable so I've had to learn to just deal with it and find some of the cutest coats on the market right now. I'm so sad that the one I'm wearing is sold out. But if it gets restocked, you will be the first to know!
In 2015 my family took a ski trip to Angel Fire and we had a blast so we decided to come back this year. If your family goes skiing where do y'all go? I'd love to hear! I've rounded up a few jackets that are at a great price point. Some are on sale, some aren't. I love to buy my seasonal apparel at the end of each season because you can find amazing items majorly marked down.

Check out Jackets that Aren't Ugly Below!

Keepin' Warm

Fashion Forward Jackets



*I realize my jacket is tucked in.. Connor can take great photos but hasn't mastered the stylist aspect..**

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