Saturday, April 14, 2018

How Well Do You Know Me?

Good Morning sweet friends!! I thought I'd do a little Q&A with y'all today so we can get to know each other a little better. Not like the first day of school where you have to introduce yourself to the class and tell them 3 facts about you. Better. 

Little background
Where are you from? 
I am from a small town in Texas called Graham. Have you ever heard of Possum Kingdom Lake? That's where Graham is, it's a little town population 12,000.
What are you majoring in?
I am currently a nursing major! I am still doing prerequisites and estimated to start nursing school Spring 2019!
Do you work while in college? 
Yes! I recently helped open a third River Rose Boutique in Lubbock, TX. Check out THIS post to read more about it!

let's get nitty gritty 

What are your pet peeves?
Red lights, slow drivers, when I don't get my way (hey, being real here.) Studying, being late, and when people say they're going to do something and don't do it.

What's your biggest fear?
I try not to fear too much. So to keep it simple, I HATE public speaking.

If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? 
To be more outgoing when it comes to things like public speaking, giving presentations, etc. I'm a one on one kind of girl.
Appearance wise- An olive skin tone would be nice haha

just a few randoms 

Hot Weather or Cold?

What kind of music do you like? 
My twitter bio says "Preppy Girl style with a teenage boy music playlist" and I think that describes me perfectly. I like a little bit of everything but my go-to is Kanye, Drake or really any music that makes you feel like you're A LOT cooler than you really are. I like songs you can listen to with the volume maxed out! I mean, I like country and other genres too but I listen to the words of slower songs and they're usually sad. I don't dig that.

What is your favorite thing to do?
 Travel, if I could chose to do anything everyday it would be to travel around the world. US & International. I've thought about being a flight attendant after I graduate college and travel for a few years of life before I settle down somewhere. We'll see..

What's your favorite color?
So basic, pink.

What's your favorite food? 
Mexican Food!! I could eat my weight in chips and salsa.. and do it without shame..

Favorite Candy? 
Sour Straws (red or blue) or Sixletts

Got a favorite movie?
 Forrest Gump, Step Brothers and 8 Mile. Not in any particular order. Bet you weren't expecting that, huh?

You just pulled up at Starbucks, what are you going to order? 
If it's morning time I'll get a Skinny Iced Carmel Macchiato and a reduced fat turkey bacon & after lunch I'll get a Sweetened Passion Tango!

Do you have a boyfriend?
YES! Connor and I have been dating since our freshman year of High School, so basically toddlers. He's the guy behind the camera on 99% of my pictures & though taking pictures of his girlfriend isn't necessarily his idea of a fun Friday night, he does it with a smile on his face!

Do you have a dog?
Yes I do have a dog, her name is Sophia and she is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is basically my shadow because she does every single thing with me. Exercise, study, sits on the rug while I shower, works at the boutique with me etc. She's my girl.

What camera do you use?
Once my blog took off a little bit I invested in a Canon Rebel T6. I absolutely love everything about it. It is so user friendly and the images are high quality. I use a 50mm lens with this camera too. That being said, if I could go back and repurchase I'd get the newer model with the flip-out screen. 

Why did you start a blog?
I wanted a way to document my life and life's little moments in a more intimate way then Facebook, Instagram or the like. I want to be able to share things I'm going through, learning, or my passions with those I love, and who love me. I also enjoy being able to look back on past years on Sweet Southern Vogue and read exactly how I was feeling in each particular post. I think in 10 years this post will be fun to read. Like reading my 20 year old thoughts. 

Fun Facts 
I am a perfect eater. And what I mean by that is I eat only what looks "perfect" on my plate and pick at the rest. 

I never finish drinking an entire bottle of water because for some reason the last like cm of water is gross?

I like to go to bed early.

 I don't like tomatoes but love salsa.

I have 3 siblings, an older brother, younger brother and little sister. I am very protective over all three. 

I've moved 5 times. 
I lived in Graham TX Pre-K-4th Grade.
Covington TX: 4th Grade-8th Grade
Woodward OK: Freshman year
Graham TX: Freshman year-Senior Year 
San Angelo TX: College Freshman
Lubbock: Currently 

Well, now we know each other pretty well I'd say. 
Should I feel bad? I asked a few of my closest people what I should include in this post and they couldn't come up with much. Either I'm that mysterious, there's too much to mention or that boring? Or maybe they just don't like being put on the spot. 

I had fun writing this post and hope you enjoyed getting to know me better! Go tell me a random fact about you on my last instagram post!!

xx, braylea

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