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Now that you've sorted through your road trip planning and read through my post "How to plan a Road Trip" now it's time to pack!

The most difficult part of packing is wanting to pack everything because you're going so many places and you want to look cute at every place. I mean I'm queen of hating outfit repeating but when your loading things into a small vehicle spaces are very limited. Not to mention you're also spending 7+ hours in this space per day, so, be sure and pack light.

When packing light I always pack things that can be worn in multiple ways. I'm such an advocate for packing outfit pieces that can be worn in at least 2 to three other ways. Like I've mentioned before in my post "One Shirt | Three Outfits." It's really a good habit to get in when you're packing & you will just get better and better at it.

As far as a detailed list of what I'm packing to take, I'm not going to share that because I don't think it would help anyone much. You know whatcha need! However I'll share a few things I learned last year on our road trip.

What's in the Getaway Car
Let's keep our priorities straight.
1. Snacks
2. Spare tire, tools, fire extinguisher, paper map, GPS you know? All that boring stuff.
3. Portable Charger. The top 3 things are like equal for #1.
3. Pillow & a light blanket
4. Bug Spray & Sunscreen
5. Wet Wipes/Disinfecting wipes.
I promise your going to want these after the first few meals eaten in the car! Also let me mention  sometimes when altitude changes, chips bust everywhere & things get messy.
6. Wrinkle release spray. A baggy of tide pods/laundry samples. Most Airbnb host let you wash your clothes & it's nice to already have this on board.
7.  An umbrella. I'd rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it. Not trying to have an impromptu wet t-shirt contest...
8. Trashcan of some sort. I use a plastic cereal container & put Walmart sacks in it! Works like a champ. Bring several plastic sacks. They make it easy to sack up trash and throw it away when you cross paths with a trashcan and we also keep our dirty clothes in one as well! Handy little things!

A Few Tips
 -If you're traveling with another person of your same gender share as much as you can. Especially girls. Only bring one curling iron, straightener, blowdryer, shampoo & conditioner, etc. This stuff takes up so much room. Keridan and I share a big waterproof bag full of this type stuff.

-Call your bank to let them know where you're headed so you don't have to deal with transaction mis-fraud.

-Bring your own food! I elaborate on this below!

I have said this before, but I'll say it over and over again! Take food on your road trip. You will save SO much money by doing this! Keridan and I take a yeti full of cold food to keep in the trunk (where no one can see it) and then a box of snacks in a box up in the cab with us. 

If you don't know what to pack heres our market list for you to get some ideas off of! I'm sharing first the meals we have and are buying for and then the the actual market list that will make these meals!

Rice Cake with Peanut Butter
Premier Protein Shake
Protein Bars
Mini Muffins

Turkey Wraps: Spinach Tortilla, guac singles, slice cheese, turkey.
Turkey Sandwich: Bread, slice cheese, turkey


Rice Cake
Peanut Butter Singles 
Protein Shake 
Protein Bar
Mini Muffins

Deli Turkey
Spinach/Whole Wheat Tortillas
Guac Singles 

Hard Boiled Eggs
Apple Sauce 
Mixed Nuts and or Trail Mix
Beef Jerky
Veggies: Carrots, Brocoli, Celery 
Ranch Singes
Hummus Singles

Water Bottles

Paper Towels 
Paper Plates
Plastic Silverware 
Cereal Container (see THIS post to see why)
First Aid Kit


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