Friday, May 4, 2018

Swim Wear For Less than $20

Let's talk bikinis today! Under $20 I might mention!

A few years ago I took a trip to the San Antonio River Walk and while I was there, went to the outlet mall in San Marcos. Victoria Secret was having a major sell and I just happened to stumble across 4 or 5 really cute swim suits. Those really cute sets aren't really cute any more and now I'm realizing how lucky I was to get that many swimsuits for C H E A P! I'm now looking on the market for new swimsuits and was completely taken by surprise by the price we have to pay for a tiny bit of material to wear in a pool. I'm going to need retailers to reign it in a little bit; $100 for ONE two-piece bikini is absolutely ridiculous. 

I can't quite make myself spend that amount of money so I've got a little insider for you. Shein

Now, I'm not going to sit here and tell you that on this website you'll get the highest quality swimwear or clothing however, the price is too good to pass up. I've ordered from here many times and have been very pleased with most of my purchases. I've received a few things that are questionable with sizing and quality but all in all I rate this online (Chinese) website a solid 7 out of 10. 

Look how cute all of these swim suits are! Ranging from $10-$20 PER SET!
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Note: Some sizes run weird, but mostly true to size. Always read reviews and look at the pictures people post. Swimsuits aren't returnable. Shipping time is sometimes longer than average. 

Shop swim suits for cheap. Not only is it a tiny piece of fabric and not worth $100 but if we're being real, the swim suit you get this summer is probably going to go out of style within the next few summers so why not wear cute trendy swimwear at an affordable price!

xoxo, braylea


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