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SSV to Being Braylea

Welcome to! AH! That's so exciting to type. 

This post could get extremely lengthy but I'm going to try and keep it reigned in. 

For the past two months I've been working on rebranding my blog, all while traveling, managing a store, and trying to figure out when my life became so chaotic. It's okay, I'm embracing it. Back to the topic. I launched Sweet Southern Vogue fashion blog in January of 2017, originally my niche was 'Being Trendy without Being Spendy'. I elaborated on pairing a cheap outfit, with an expensive handbag, and other ways I continue to look put together without emptying my life savings. 

I enjoyed this topic & I still do, that's why Sweet Southern Vogue isn't gone. All of my fashion looks, style and tips will be under the dropdown menu titled Sweet Southern Vogue. Fashion is only a little part of my life, so I feel like it only makes sense to be a small aspect of my blog. I am not just a trendy inexpensive outfit. SSV got to the point where I began feeling like I couldn't be myself and I had to act a certain way on my own blog. Then I lost interest, because I've never been too good at being fake.

This is when I decided it was crucial I rebrand my blog to Being Braylea
A lifestyle, travel & style blog all about me. My journal. A place where I can go when I need to escape the world. 

 As much as I realized I was more then just a pretty face, I also realized I was learning so much and the things I was learning could help the girls around me. In the last year I've maneuvered into my twenties, changed majors in college, helped open a clothing store, went to Dallas Market for the first time, went on a 2,000 mile road trip and more. I want to take you along with me. Let's be friends!

Being Braylea in a nut shell is going to be all about, you guessed it, BEING BRAYLEA! My life and the things I'm doing, completely uncensored. My relationships, the struggles of being a first-gen college student, and other real life shit stuff. Still working on this uncensored thing. This is all in hopes that I make you feel a little bit more normal and a little less like you're the only one who hasn't done laundry in two weeks haha. 

To make sure you stay in the loop subscribe with your email in the Subscription box and the very bottom of the screen on a cell phone & the box to the right on a laptop. 

I hope your as excited as I am about this rebrand and with a smile on my face and a side-hug Welcome Again to!

My new logo!! I picked a modern and clean font for the word "Being" and my mom wrote the word "Braylea." This is so special to me to have a little piece of my mom in this blog. I think of her writing Braylea while she was pregnant with me & throughout my life just as it is at the top of this website. I love meaning behind things & this new logo definitely has it!

Check back tomorrow to see all of my California Coast Road Trip post! 

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