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I am so specific when it comes to back to school preparation and I always have been. Today I'm going to share with you the things I do to prepare for school and the reasons why I do these things. Take what you like, leave what you don't. You can never be over prepared in my opinion, so let's get prepping.

At the end of this post, I've provided a free printable, you can download and print it to use for yourself! Enjoy!

This might be a given but maybe it isn't. 

If you don't clean before starting back to school you need to start. Like now. 

I clean EVERYTHING. I'm talking ev-re-thing. 

I start in my closet. It's typically the most out of control thing in my house. I go through and get rid of clothes I don't wear or haven't worn in a year. You know that shirt that you've never worn but you think one day you're going to wear it, so you just hang on to it? Why is it so hard to just get rid of? I try and get rid of as much as I can. Purge, really. I go through my closet, the drawers in my closet, jewelry boxes, etc. 

For my room it's the same process. 
Always start at the top and work your way to the bottom when you're cleaning. My mom taught me that. So I start with the ceiling fan, clean it, then take off my bed spread, sheets & pillow cases and start them in the washer. While they're washing I go through my night stand drawer, my night stand and end cleaning my bedroom by going through the things I've stashed under my bed since the last time I've cleaned like this. 

Closet, Room, Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom. In that order. I always clean the bathroom last because it's the grossest. I don't want to soak in the toilet bowl juices while I clean the rest of my house. I mop the house, clean the bathroom and then finish by mopping my bathroom. Then I hop in the shower. 

When you clean your bathroom don't forget to go through your makeup drawer, hair products and all of those other little things that build up under your sink.

After the house is clean I move on to other categories of my life.

My car & dog.

If you're like me there's 10-20 empty water bottles in the passenger floor board. & if you have a dog there's probably hair somewhere. So I vacuum out my car and then wash the outside. I only wash my car like 2 times a year so I get excited about it! haha I also do all my laundry, bathe sophia, wash all of her beds, bowls, and toys. 

I'll link Sophia's dog stuff below:
Her bowl, dog shampoo, bed, food, comb, bandanas, 

It is important to plan ahead. I always meal prep my first week back to school because I don't want to have to think about what I'm going to eat. 

Go ahead an get some school supplies, notebooks, pens, paper, the things you know you'll for sure need. I typically get what I know I'll need and then I'll go back to the store and get the things I forgot/the additional things that were mentioned in class.

Print out your schedule. It may be a little "Old School." However, when your phone dies before you've finished your first day (you know how iPhone batteries can be) and you don't know where your next class is, your handy dandy printed schedule will have your back. I print out two or three. I know, excessive.  I have this fear of not being prepared. I stick one in my backpack, keep one in my car, and fold up one real little and stick it in my wallet. So extra, but I'm preparing for worst case scenario. 

I also put my school schedule, work & all appointments in my phone calendar, with alerts.

I live by the reminder app as well. If you live by a planner, Target has a ton of cute ones right now, I could also spend hours in their school supplies section!

The night before school starts again, there are a few things that put my mind to ease. First being, the things above being done. Second I go ahead and pack my backpack up with what I'll need that first day. I pick out my clothes, prep my breakfast, and go to bed at a decent time. Like, before midnight.

You might already do a few of these things or maybe you don't do any of them all. I want you to try to do at least a few of them. When everything in your house is done, your car is clean, dog bathed, and your completly prepped it's so hard to fail on your first day, week and for the semester. So, put your hair in a top knot, throw on your preppin' clothes & get it done!

go get em girl, braylea

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