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Today we're going to talk about something no body really wants to talk about, surgery. If you haven't had your wisdom teeth/tooth out yet, your time is coming. If you have already gotten them out, I hope you can relate to what I'm about to tell those who haven't! Feel free to leave your experience and advice in the comments section below! 

My main goal with this post is to help put your worries to ease if you are going to get your wisdom teeth out in the future. I also want to try and inform you on what to expect. If you are anything like I was, you have no idea. Everything I saw regarding wisdom tooth surgery was scary. People screaming & crying coming off of anesthesia. Bloody surgical gauze falling out of peoples mouths, etc. No wonder I was nervous. 

Before I start I'm going to go ahead and say everyones experience is different, and just because this is how mine went, doesn't mean yours will go the same! 

One Day Prior to Surgery 
My mom came to Lubbock the day before my surgery and we got fabulous pedicures here in Lubbock (I go to Bella Nails) and then went and got sushi. After we ate, we ran across the street to sprouts and loaded up on soft & frozen goodies!

My first word of advice would be listen to every single thing your doctor tells you to do & not to do! They are the experts here. You aren't allowed to eat 8 to 12 hours before the procedure so I ate a good dinner (sushi & fried rice) and then didn't eat anything else from 10:00 at night until my surgery the next day at 10:00am. 

You have to have someone with you to drive you home. I'd recommend that person being with you for at least 12 hours after the surgery. I think how quick you recover and how you mentally feel coming off of, and being put under anesthesia has everything to do with who you're with. For me, my mom is my comfort zone. She knows me down to the freckle on the right side of my belly button. *fun fact lol* She also knows I am deathly afraid of needles and knows how to help me mentally prepare. If you aren't scared of needles I would tell you honestly not to worry too much about this procedure. If you are, hang tight and hopefully you'll feel a little better by the end of this blog post. 

So first make sure your comfort person is there. Whether it's your mom, brother, sister or Uncle Buck! You'll need them.

Day Of Surgery
I had a morning surgery & that's exactly how I wanted it.  The less time I have to sit and stress, the better. I was completely put under and they took out all four of my wisdom teeth at once. I'm an all or nothing, kind of girl. I'm not trying to get one tooth at a time out or anything; either let's get them all out or let's not do it at all! That being said, being put under meant I had to get an IV. Getting an IV was what I was most scared and anxious about. I HATE NEEDLES!!!!! 

Here's where you should start feeling better.
I am not sure what her name was but I had the best nurse I could have possibly gotten. Despite my mental break down, ugly crying, hyper ventilating, etc, she was patient with me. She let me get it out and then when I calmed back down she proceeded to get the IV in. As much as my ego doesn't want to say this, it wasn't bad.... No they're not making me tell you this haha it really wasn't. It hurt, but it was tolerable and she made sure it was perfect the first time
Once the IV was in my arm I was at ease. I kissed my mom and she went out to the waiting room and then I fell asleep. The Caprock Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery team took the best care of me possible. I can not say enough good about my wisdom tooth extraction experience. Truly. They gave me the most perfect amount of anesthesia so I fell asleep at ease, as soon as they began surgery. And woke up with ease in a happy mental state as soon as they finished surgery. I was never in a rage, crying hysterically, saying off the wall things or anything like I have seen on Facebook. I knew exactly where I was, who I was and what just happened at all times following surgery. 

When you pick a surgeon and when you chose who's there with you, chose wisely. 

The Days After..
I feel very lucky that this has been my wisdom tooth removal experience this far. I'm currently writing this blog post on day 2. It's been 28 hours since my surgery, surly that will tell you how good I'm doing! 
My surgery was scheduled for 10:00 Tuesday morning, we arrived for pre-op at 9:30 and were pulling back into my apartment at 11:07am. Wham, bam, thank you mam!

 I was in absolutely no pain the first day. However, I was extremely numb and uncomfortable. Since you have literal holes in the back of our mouth your stuffed full of gaus to the point your mouth can't really close. Your mouth is sitting open, which makes your tongue and the rest of your mouth bone-dry. For me this was unfordable because I couldn't feel any of my mouth, lower jaw, cheeks or lips. It's kind of hard to take medicine when you don't even know if it's on your tongue, you know? There was one point where I was trying to take a pill and couldn't swallow it. Have you ever had a pill resolve in your mouth? It's horrific to say the least.

 The day of the surgery I slept the whole day & night. Today is one day after surgery and I've been awake most of the day and comfortable. I'm sluggish, a little sore, and barely swollen but I'm perfectly fine! This is mainly because my mom has stayed on top of all of my medicine so I've never started hurting! Stay on top of your meds. 

"Keeping the pain under control is much easier then trying to reverse it once it's out of hand!" -Brandy Overcash *my mom*

Day of procedure, I didn't have much of an appetite and I slept most of the day. All I had was 2 bottles of water & a tea cup of ice cream and a few sips of chocolate premier protein shake. 
One day after procedure, I had a little bit more of an appetite. My mom made homemade chicken noodle soup, I only drank the broth and I've had ice cream and a little bit of broccoli cheese soup from Panera Bread. If there's a chance a piece of what you're eating could get stuck in a socket, don't eat it. Also make sure everything you're eating/drinking the first few days is room temperature!

Here's what I recommend Eating:
Day 1: 
Broth *room temp is key* 
Plain Yogurt 
Ice Cream 
Meal Replacement Shake
Anything that requires NO chewing

Day 2: 
Broth or Pureed Soup *Room Temp*
Ice Cream
Mashed Potatoes

Day 3: 
Soft Soups
Macaroni & Cheese:
um, who knew Panera Bread's mac & cheese was so good?!
Ice Cream
Any day after the third I think varries from person to person! 

To conclude, I wish everyone could have the same wisdom tooth extraction surgery as I did. I have nothing bad to say about it. I mean it wasn't as fun as going to Mexico and sitting by the beach or anything but it was as painless as a surgery could be, just very uncomfortable!

Listen to your doctors orders. Don't stress yourself out. Pick your most favorite person to take care of you. & let your body recover. 

xoxo, braylea

I know you're chomping at the bits to see, here's my "high on pain meds pic" enjoy haha

Sophia never left my side, nurse dog to the rescue. 

Day After Surgery, bare face, bushy brows & all but basically no swelling.

Pre-op Sushi & Pedis
The best uncertified nurse out there, thank you for taking care of me, mom! 

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