Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Is a $1,700 name brand price difference worth it to you?

Today's post is different than anything I've done before on the blog and goes for everything I stand for. I continue to try to give my readers tips, tricks, ideas on things to wear that don't cost a fortune and ALWAYS try and tell you, you can look flawless for a great price and this is exactly what I mean! 

The money saving look on the left: This isn't a goodwill haul either. (not throwing shade at goodwill, just saying) Everything that is tagged is from Nordstrom (except the Loafer Mules). 

Let's start with the BP. cutout neck pullover that is $49.  (currently sold out, see similar here $35) How gorgeous is this sweater! The sweater would look effortless with these boyfriend jeans or with the skinny jeans hanging in your closet OR with a leather mini like this one. I love a leopard clutch in fall/winter. It gives you some dimension and is great for print and pattern mixing. I'm wearing my favorite leopard clutch in this post. 

Now the shoes. These black loafer mules are my favorite thing right now. They're so easy to throw on and comfortable. These from Target are only $22 and really bring a chic vibe to any outfit. 

I can't even imagine spending $795 on a black cutout sweater when I could send $49 on the exact same look. Yes it's cashmere, yes it's probably as soft as a cloud in the sky but when I think of how many other outfit pieces I could spend close to $800 on, I get nauseated thinking someone spends that on ONE sweater. The jeans are cute but not when I can get the same look for less than $225 and the Clare V. Calf Hair Fold-Over Clutch is gorgeous but again, I can get a BP one for $45 here

Don't get me wrong, I love nice things and my goal is NOT to discourage you from buying nice and expensive things. I love good quality, name brand, trendy, and popular but when it comes to spending $1,900 on an outfit or $200 my wallet screams $200 every time. If you want to spend the money on any of these items DO IT! If not, I assume be just as happy with your money savvy purchases. I just love to show people it is possible to look just as good as the Real House Wife on TV without having to fork out the same cost she spent is all. 

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