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For the longest time I have wanted to try Rodan + Fields skincare. Naturally when I thought of it, I thought of people with really good skin. A friend of a friends mom actually used it when I was in seventh grade and I remember always looking at her flawless skin, come to find out she was a R+F distributor. That is my first initial memory with R+F.

Flash forward to today: I've finally decided to take the plunge! 

I took one or two pictures each week for eight weeks. Usually while sitting in my car with good lighting, right before class. Take a recap through my skin care diary, I'm going to share what my main goals are, as well as give you an insight on the regimen!

Honestly I have great skin and can not complain too much. I rarely suffer from breakouts and my skin type is normal to dry, it also tends to lean towards the sensitive side. That being said, we all have little things we don't like about out skin/body, so here are mine.

I have a red, freckled skin tone. 
When I was younger I got a severe sunburn on my face and I’ve had sun damage build up on top of it ever since. I want to Reverse these sun spots so that without make up I have a smooth complexion. 

Another thing I want to change is the redness I have specifically on my face. I wouldn’t go as far to say it’s rosacea but it looks similar. So those are the two main things I want to make better or reverse: the sun damage and the redness. That’s why I chose the "reverse" package

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Week One: M|W|F|SUN Morning
Week Two: M|T|W|TH|F|S|SUN Morning
Week Three: M|W|F|S Morning & Night
T|TH|S Morning
Week Four: M|T|W|TH|F|S|SUN Morning & Night 
then continue with what works best for you.

Let The Weekly Diary begin!!
None of the photos below have been altered in ANY WAY nor do I have on ANY make up. Everything is as raw and real as possible. 

Monday September 3, 2018
Wash Schedule: 
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday only morning.

Monday: First Impression: Woah, I like it! I was expecting the step one scrub to be a little more harsh. But surprisingly it was light and the expholiant pieces in the product were small.
Step two toner: Refreshing. It’s cold, and unlike others wasn’t drying to my skin. Lastly the lightening creme and SPF. I used the tiniest amount of lightening creme because I've heard a dab will do you! It has a faint smell that isn't amazing but it's nonetheless tolerable. 
Wednesday: I was looking forward to using my Reverse this morning, I just love having a clean face. I washed my face and went to school. 

Friday: After todays wash my skin is a little aggravated so I'm going to lay off until Monday.

Monday September 10, 2018
Wash Schedule: 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday only morning.

Monday: this week I’m starting to use it every day, morning! 

Wednesday:  I can tell my skin is already starting to get more use to it. Last Friday, my skin got really red and angry when I washed my face so I laid off a few days. With a new product I've really learned to just listen to my skin and try and stick with the regimen the best I can.

I’ve also noticed my skin to be a little bit more dry so before bed I put a plentiful amount of coconut oil on my face and go to sleep. 

Thursday: I've washed my face everyday this week and it's starting to feel so good! 

Saturday: I went home to Graham this weekend and took my new skincare. Saturday morning when I woke up and washed my face my mom was very surprised about how much my skin had already lightened. She also said she could kind of see the pattern of the motions I've been washing my face because it was lighter in certain areas. The areas she noticed was EXACTLY where I had been liberally applying product so that was a wake up call to stop doing the same motion when washing and mix it up a little bit! I was completely shocked it was working THAT good!?
 I can't believe its only been two weeks and my family is already noticing a change! So exciting! 

Monday September 17, 2018
Monday: Morning & Night | Tuesday: Morning | Wednesday: Morning & Night | Thursday: Morning | Friday: Morning & Night | Saturday: Morning | Sunday: Morning & Night 

Monday: Getting this week started off right, of course; with my morning routine each day. Starting this week my routine is getting amped up a notch. I am finally starting to see bigger results. Not only did my mom mention a difference in my skin Connor made a remark that my skin "looked like I was wearing make-up!" 
On days I "don't wear makeup" I usually just put on concealer under my eyes and on sun spots and then put on powder. I do this just so I can achieve a "makeup-less" clear skin look. He knows this, that's why when I said I wasn't wearing make up he was very surprised!
He's very sweet so he could be just saying that but he's also honest so I'm going to take it and run with it! This regimen has impressed me this far.
One very small downfall is the dryness/peeling that comes along with this regimen. However, when you're "sluffing" off dead skin cells and dark marks and brightening the skin, naturally some of that has to come along with it. 

*Tip: Use coconut oil or some kind of really nourishing oil at night (or day) to prevent dryness.*

Monday September 24, 2018
All Week Morning and Night 
Thursday: This week I've washed my face morning and night since Monday and will continue to do so until tomorrow night (friday night.) After that, this weekend and for the remaining weeks I'm going to stick to a every morning and only nights on SMWF. My skin is pretty irritated with so much exfoliation so I see my skin respond best when I cleanse just a little less.
 photos taken on Sunday

Monday October 1, 2018
All Week: Only Morning 
SMWF: Morning & Night
Monday: Last week, the suggested regimen was every day morning and night. For most that probably would work really well. But for my skin it was a little too much. I got a few little, red, scratch type bumps, from too much expholiaion so from here on out i'm going to do the regimen like it says request for week three. 
Wash every morning & wash at night only on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Monday October 8, 2018
Monday: I am starting to struggle to keep up with my routine! Before now I have never had much of a skincare routine, bad, I know! But honestly it can be a little tedious. I don't always do both morning and night but I try and at least do one or the other. Typically that ends up being night because your body does a TON of repairing while you're asleep and I want to have a clean face while that's happening! 

Monday October 15, 2018
One more week to go!! I'm so excited to take my final pictures next week and compare them all!

Monday October 22, 2018 

I have finally reached week 8 and I just got done scrolling through my progress photos! I am truly amazed. I am also excited to see what another 8 weeks will do for my skin! I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my skin care journey! If you want to start yours feel free to reach out to Kim Mahan. She has all the answers to your Rodan + Fields questions and can help you get started. 




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