Thursday, December 20, 2018 / Empire State Building


Views from the 87th floor of the empire state building! If you go to NYC you have to go to the Empire State building to see the (almost) birds eye view! It's pretty. It's also crazy to think about how heavy all of the buildings are, as far as your eyes can see. How is it possible that they don't just fall through the earth.

Side story
 The floor-level elevator takes you from ground level to roughly the 84th floor. Once your there you have a looking area and then you get on another elevator that takes you to the 87th. Well as we were waiting in line, a worker proposed the idea that if you take the stairs a few flights you'll be able to skip the line and get there before everyone else. Connor quickly assumed why not and that's what we did. Short mini skirt and all.. Sorry to the people walking behind me... How's that for a visual, haha

Hope you enjoyed!
xx, braylea


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