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I'M LAUNCHING MY OWN SHOP "Braylea's Bazaar"

The chapter has come in my life where it's time to start grinding, hustling and channeling my inner entrepreneur. 

I am officially launching my own store, Braylea's Bazaar. This online boutique is going to have a few different categories built into it and they will constantly evolve and change. 

But here's the gist
1. What's in Season and On-Trend
2. My personal picks and favorites
3. A special guest featuring THEIR style, hobby or interest

The process
The process of shopping from my store will be as easy as shopping on any other retailer site. I will pick all of my favorite items from 1 to 2 retailers (Nordstrom, Amazon, etc.) I will feature everything that I have chosen for MY shop. This will ensure that you won't have to spend hours and hours scrolling through the relentless web pages on amazon. I will do the work for you and feature what's selling quickly. If white booties are in style then I want to share the top 4 that are selling out everywhere. To save you time, and so you always have a place to go that you know you'll find what you're looking for.

How do I shop? 
Each month I will upload a completely new shop page with new items. Every month will be different. So on the first of the month head to my blog beingbraylea.com and click the "Brayleas Bazaar" tab.

Once you're there, you're going to shop like normal. If you see something you like, click on it and add it to your shopping bag. Note: its going to take you to the retailers website at which its being sold. I am not directly selling to the consumer. All transactions will be made through the second party website at which I'm linking to. (Ex. Amazon, Nordstrom, Etsy, Lululemon) I will only link to 1-2 retailers to ensure the check-out process isn't a hassle for you. 

Transparency is key 
I want to be 100% transparent and honest with you so let me explain something. I am apart of a monetization platform called rewardStyle. Through this platform, I am able to LINK the items that I love, am selling in my shop or am wearing. Those links have special characters that report back to the retailer I'M (Braylea) the one that shared the item with YOU (the shopper). They then compensate me for sharing with you. Just like any boutique owner I have to make money or I can't keep my doors open. So when you chose to shop at Brayleas Bazaar just know you are helping be keep this page up, running, and providing you with the best deals that I possibly can.

Check out this months shop not by clicking here. I've prepared tons of affordable finds- dresses under $30, white booties for a transition into fall and I am also featuring my first Bazaar guest of the month Emma and her picks from Anthropologie.

I hope you enjoy. If you ever have any recommendations or are looking for anything specific I would LOVE to hear about it so I can feature it for you.

Here's the Youtube Video sharing about the shop

xx, braylea

ps. here are a few of the looks for this months shop.


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