Friday, August 9, 2019 / Oklahoma City, OK, USA


What a weekend- for the past year Connor and I have really started listening to Khalid's music. It's feel-good music, makes you want to ride in the car with your windows down, you know? So anyways when Keridan called me Thursday afternoon and said: "There's a Khalid concert tomorrow, is there any way y'all you could go with me to it?" I, of course, jumped to and bought us tickets. Then when Connor came over to my house after he got out of summer school I let him in on the plans. Check out our YouTube video to see his reaction! 

We left Lubbock on Friday at 2:00 and arrived around 7:15. We scarfed down a sandwich and went to the Chesapeake arena for the concert. 

Saturday morning Keridan took us to our very first Pure Barre class. After a night out... I'll let you fill in the blanks. If you're unfamiliar like I was, just know that it is a difficult workout, and she failed to mention she signed us up for the intermediate class haha. 

Saturday evening we went to OSO for dinner and drinks and then made our way to downtown OKC to a few clubs. Dollhouse, and... let me ask Keridan what the other was called. 
Was feeling very Sex and the City with my cosmo ;)

Sunday quickly arrived and we were on our way back to Lubbock just in time for Connors class Monday morning. 

You can watch our YouTube vlog below!

Thank you for coming to my blog today to keep up with me.

xx, bray
This outfit and tons of other outfit details are linked in THIS blog post.

ps. You're about to see a lot more of us three. KERIDAN IS MOVING TO LUBBOCK

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