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Septembers Top 5 

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I'm about to share two meal prep ideas I make often. 

Both are courtesy of Alex Snodgrass at The Defined Dish. She is such a great source for healthy, whole30 compliant recipes. 

She even recreates not-so-healthy meals into healthier meals. Like her One Pot Hamburger Helper recipe. She also just came out with a cookbook and you can look at that here

Anyways, you get the point. SHE HAS AMAZING RECIPES! Today I'm sharing her "Sloppy Jane" recipe which is a healthier alternative to Sloppy Jo recipe and her "Potato, pepper and Kielbasa Skillet" that is so quick and easy to make.

The Hummus Recipe
in a ninja blender or food processor
2 16 oz cans of garbanzo beans. Rinsed and drained well.
Roasted red peppers (Jar or Homemade)
2-3 Tablespoons Minced garlic
Half of a lemon
Add to taste... pepper, seasoning salt, cumin, smoked paprika, cayenne
Then add olive oil as it’s mixing in the food processor. 

Stop and stir several times and add more seasoning as needed.
Blend until the consistency of your liking

Check out my YouTube Video below to see! Also, check out her blog to find other recipes.


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Connor and I launched a YouTube channel! 

Hopefully, this is of no surprise to you because we've been posting about it like crazy. But if you didn't know, I'm glad you do now. And I'd also love for you to follow me on Instagram @brayleafisher and Facebook @Beingbraylea so you stay up to date with what we're doing. 

Our goal with this isn't to get famous, rich, or follow the crowd but it IS to allow you into our lives on a more personal level. I also love being able to share with our family- they feel like they're with us. 

 We're always doing things, learning, and growing and we love to share this growth with you. It is also so cool to have an archive of our lives. 

That's one reason I love having my blog.  A few weeks ago a friend text me and said "Will you send me a photo of you at Horseshoe Bend? I want to show someone." My first thought was well.. that was a few years ago... I've gotten a new phone and deleted photos for space since then. BUT my second thought was, I have a blog and I know I shared about it on the blog. So I went, grabbed a photo for her and that was that. 

Same with YouTube. 

We have a goal of reaching 1,000 Subscribers in our first year. Huge goal but we truly feel like we can do it. Will you please subscribe to our channel here? 
We want this so that our channel will be more visible to the YouTube community. YouTube deems us "Unreputable" and won't share our videos to outsiders until we have that many. I'm also going, to be honest. Once we hit 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours we will get approved on Instagram to start getting sponsored deals (get paid). Though that isn't our initial intent, to get paid for putting in over 50+ hours into EACH video would be amazing. 

I say "We" because this is mine & Connors YouTube Channel. I'm going to share my life on there and he's going to share his. He's big into fitness, motivation, and personal growth so those are a few of the topics he'll be addressing. You really will just have to follow us on our life adventure because we're both constantly growing and changing so I hope you'll do so with us. 

We have a goal of reaching 1,000 Subscribers in our first year. Huge goal but we truly feel like we can do it. Will you please subscribe to our channel?

We want this so that our channel will be more visible to the YouTube community. YouTube deems us "Unreputable" and won't share our videos to outsiders until we have that many. I'm also going to be honest. Once we hit 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours we will get approved on Youtube to start getting sponsored deals (get paid). Though that isn't our initial intent, to get paid for putting in over 50+ hours into EACH video would be amazing. 

We created this channel for you, a place to escape, indulge in someone else life and hopefully learn something from us and of course we will share ours together. We have BIG plans, especially after college and hope you'll be apart of it. 

Bringing you to date on our videos 
Our first video Connor went skydiving!!!

Thank you for following!
xx, bray


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You might remember a few months ago when Connor and Carter went skydiving for his Birthday? Well, last weekend Carter took another leap of faith and married the woman of his dreams. 

Back story
Carter and Kaitlin got engaged in March and shortly after, they asked Connor, and Devan, Katie's brother if they would play guitar and sing for their first dance. Of course, they both said yes. So flash forward to last weekend the pressure was ON! You can watch of those videos below!

Watch the Best Man Speech Below

Watch the First Dance Performance Below

The wedding was absolutely beautiful! Here are some photos I took. 

 Sound Check 
 Connors Mom Misty 
Connors Dad Jeff

Congrats again, Carter & Katie!


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AUSTIN TRAVEL GUIDE | Exclusive recommendations from Austin Locals

Pull out your blank itinerary (download here) and let’s talk all things Austin City Limits Music Festival and the weekend you're going to be there.

Starting with the details- the where and when. Then we'll continue with the fun stuff, like eating, drinking, exploring.

official website
Weekend 1: October 4-6, 2019 
Weekend 2: October 11-13, 2019
Friday: 12PM – 10PM
Saturday: 11AM – 10PM
Sunday: 11AM – 10PM

Weekend one schedule here
Weekend two schedule here

Now that we have the details out of the way, let’s add the fun things to your itinerary. 

I've invited a few #Austinbloggers to give you the most valuable and exclusive content. Locals always know best! They're sharing their favorite places to eat, shop and all things in between. 

First I have Lauren from @aestheticallyatx. She's going to be sharing her top three places to eat. 
“My name is Lauren and I moved to Austin over 2 years ago. Two weeks after graduating college, I picked up everything and moved from Connecticut to Texas. I’ve always been the person that takes pictures of, quite literally, everything. My phone had hundreds of pictures of meals I’ve eaten, things I’ve seen, people I’ve met, all with one thing in common, Austin! @aestheticallyatx was born with intention of being a photo dump, but it’s turned into so much more."

When asking Ashley at @dtkaustin to give a recommendation, she responded Elizabeth St. Cafe, with no hesitation. 

Ashley White at @_ashleyyniicole also shared amazing information for this post. She covers where to eat, what to do and even threw in a great place where you can get it all!
"Hi guys! My name is Ashley White! I am a lifestyle blogger and recent graduate from the University of Houston! Check out my blog, All About AshBeing from Austin, Braylea found me on Instagram and asked if I would share my top 3 favorite places in Austin."

I also got input from the creatives behind @stufftodoinaustin. 
"We are three Austin-lovin' women behind the accounts @stufftodoinaustin on Instagram and Facebook. We post about all the best events happening in Austin, TX and helpful tips to ensure you have a great time. The events that we discuss can all be found within the UNATION app that you can download on your iPhone or Android. The coolest thing about our app is we aren't just in Austin, TX! You can find us in multiple cities nationwide and continuously growing!?
They broke it down to specifics, with the "List of 3-5 of our "Must Do" things to do in Austin, TX." and "List of 3-5 of our favorite restaurants in Austin, TX"

Recommended by Lauren with @aestheticallyatx. 
My top 3 restaurants are places I find myself returning to often, usually with out of town guests. They’re all super delicious and confidently located. Keep an eye out for them on Aesthetically ATX!
The first restaurant I recommend is Iron Cactus. Located on Dirty 6th, Iron Cactus serves up the best margs and cheesiest quesadillas. What I love the most about this place is that they are always super accommodating. I am a very picky eater and every meal I’ve had here has been altered to my taste and served with a smile. On top of that, they have rooftop seating! This is one of the restaurants I find myself going back to again and again.

Next up is Caroline’s and Upstairs Caroline. First off, the location is to die for. Caroline’s stands right on Congress, with the cutest little staircase leading right up to Upstairs Caroline’s. I love the options they give you for eating and drinking. You can sit in the restaurant, sit outside, order food downstairs and bring it upstairs, order happy hour bites directly upstairs, or just drink upstairs! And have you seen how gorgeous the upstairs patio is? It’s an open, rooftop bar with string lighting, yard games and picnic tables. I’d suggest everyone try a prickly pear frozen margarita from Upstairs Caroline’s at least once.

My third restaurant recommendation is Jo’s Coffee Downtown. Jo’s stands on W 2nd and serves all meals including weekend brunch. They have breakfast tacos, burgers, salads and lots more. I love to get a burger and substitute the veggie patty. I have to give Jo’s credit for one of my favorite veggie burgers downtown. Like I said, I am picky and Jo’s exceeds my expectations. Did I mention they serve beer? Nothing screams Austin quite like a coffee shop turned restaurant with bar snacks and alcohol. 

Recommended by @stufftodoinaustin.
Upstairs at Carolines
Easy Tiger
Bouldin Creek Cafe
Native Hostel and Bar and Cafe
Vixens Wedding

For sure Elizabeth Street Cafe! Red Bud or town lake, Ashley said.

Recommended by Ashley with @_ashleyyniicole  
If you like the outdoors and are looking for something to do on a hot Austin day I would recommend that you go kayaking on Lady Bird Lake. At first, you may have a hard time getting use to navigating the kayak with the paddles but once you get the hang of it you will realize how relaxing it is. 

After kayaking you may be hungry so you can easily head on over to Zilker Park and enjoy a picnic in the park. You can bring your own lunch or you can stop by Home Slice or Hopdoddy on South Congress and pick up a bite to eat. Make sure you bring a big blanket to lie out on the grass and maybe a book or speaker, whichever you like. A couple times in the summer on Wednesdays you can also catch Blues on the Green at Zilker Park. Blues on the Green is a chill event where a bunch of people gather on Zilker Park, laid out on their huge blankets, enjoying the sounds of a live band. This event is very pet-friendly so don’t be surprised if you make a couple new furry friends (: 

One place you can always catch me at in Austin is the Domain. The Domain is a nice, upscale, outdoor mall. You can shop, eat, chill, and even hit the bars all at one location. I often shop at Forever 21, Zara, and Aldo. On the weekends I might head over to Rock Rose Avenue, which is the street of bars at the domain. One of the popular bars there is Wonderbar. This bar is filled with hidden rooms, banana swings, and disco ball drinks. If you like to take pictures then the Domain is also a great place to do that. 

Must-do List by @stufftodoinaustin.
Hike to Mount Bonnell
Explore South Congress and watch the bats from the South Congress Bridge
Explore the iconic Austin murals (covered beautifully by this blog)
Eat at one of the many food truck parks

Check out this website for some good recommendations.

How is your itinerary looking? I hope it's looking complete after this blog post. 

A special thanks to each of these local Austin bloggers, they've truly been incredible to work with. If you're going to ACL fest and get to visit any of these recommendations please tag me @brayleafisher. I would love to see which place is your favorite. 

Wishing you the best weekend, 

ALBUQUERQUE TRAVEL GUIDE | Exclusive recommendations from New Mexico Locals

I am so excited about this blog post! Connor and I went to the Albuquerque Balloon Festival two years ago and it was a sight unlike anything we've ever seen. Everyone should make a point to go at least once! Check out this post to see when we went. 

Let's get to planning your trip to the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. It's being held this year from October 3rd through the 13th. Click HERE for the full schedule and HERE to buy your tickets. They're only $10! Also, there is a concert during weekend two so you can find out more about that on this website

Now that we have the when, and what out of the way, let's add things to the blank spots in your itinerary. I made you one to download and write on (click here). 

I have invited four amazing women onto Being Braylea Blog to share their insight with you. All are either born and raised in Albuquerque or have significant knowledge about the area. 

Introducing the Ladies 
Emily, the face behind the food Instagram @emlagourmande is sharing her true favorites in Albuquerque. 
"My name is Emily Romero, I am a born-and-bred New Mexican. I currently live (and blog) primarily out of Houston, but that doesn’t stop me from keeping on top of the foodie scene in Albuquerque every time I return for a visit. Each year, these visits regularly include the Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque’s golden moment. If you, too, are headed to “the 505” this October, here are some foodie recs to make your trip particularly memorable."

Next we have Veronica, the creator behind 'The little Fashion Insta Blog & Instagram. She's sharing a few "Instagram worthy" places. There are a few I have added to my list! 
"Hi everyone! My name is Veronica Gualeni and I’m a 22-year-old fashion blogger and graduate student from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’ve been living in Albuquerque for most of my life, so I was super excited when Braylea reached out to me to help with her travel guide. Here is a list of my top three favorite places in Albuquerque in no particular order!"

Casey Messer @caseymesser talents go further than hosting behind the television screen. She's a wife, mother and is sharing a few gems as well, including where you can get a New Mexican breakfast taco, which I'm so here for!

Our fourth special guest is Tiffani @hello_luvs_. She writes on the blog and shares so many great mommy post! She also has the CUTEST daughter trio!
"My name is Tiffani Clements, I am a born and raised Albuquerque native who enjoys all that our
wonderful city has to offer. Together my husband and I enjoy taking our three girls to local
places that offers whimsical fun to keep our littles entertained while mom and dad take in the
scenery. I am so excited to tell you all that this beautiful place has to offer."

Eat & Drink
Recommended by Emily @@emlagourmande
Albuquerque could EASILY contend for the best breakfast city in the US and would certainly come in #1 for the variety of amazing breakfast burrito spots. My top pick for visitors has to go to Twisters. Burritos start as basic as egg and cheese and build from there, most including the signature New Mexican green chile. I would personally recommend the #6 Taos (ham, cheese, potatoes, egg, green chile)

Marble Brewery @marblebrewery
Marble has three locations spread around town – the Heights, Downtown and Rio Rancho – each of which has live music Saturdays, food trucks, and awesome restaurants nearby. I personally hit the Heights location most often and enjoy my Double White beer with a side of Duke City pizza (pepperoni and green chile) from Slice Parlor.

Greenjeans @greenjeansfarmery
 It’s a collective of shipping containers with food spots, drinking spots, healthy snacks, nitro ice cream, and even a little bit of local shopping. Pick up a New Mexico-inspired sticker while you chow down a delicious piece of pizza.

Recommended by Veronica @littlefashioninstablog
Total Betty Donuts @totalbettydonuts
Total Betty Donuts has quickly become one of my all-time favorite places here in Albuquerque. It is best known for its mini donuts, which are equally delicious and as they are adorable. And, their flavors are so unique! My absolute favorites are the Unicorn and the Ballin' Out on Every Level. The second one even has edible glitter, which you know I am ALL over. 

I’m also obsessed with their coffee, and my favorite is the Pearl latte with almond milk. Plus, you can get printed latte art on most of their hot or cold drinks! 

Level 5 at Hotel Chaco
The hotel is beautifully themed around New Mexican culture and landscapes, and Lvl 5 is just the cherry on top. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating, but its endless wall of windows provides the perfect view from anywhere.

My favorite time to go is during their weekend brunch. You can get spicy New Mexican classics like Huevos Rancheros, or opt for something sweeter like their Blackberry Lavender French Toast. I love them both! 

El Pinto x2
I love their green chile chicken enchiladas and their sopapillas, and I’ve truly never had a bad meal there! Their food is extremely fresh, and a lot of their vegetables come from the on-site garden. Their eggs come from pasture-raised chickens at their “hen hotel”, which is located right next to the restaurant. 

Recommended by Casey @caseymesser
Satellite Coffee @satellitecoffee
 If you love frozen coffee this is your spot. They have several locations all around ABQ. I get the Granda Mocha Java Frio (no whip) because that would be too much. It's SO good definitely a little special treat I get just once in a while. And their New Mexican Grab Burrito with Salsa! YUM!

El Pinto 
To me, the food is just okay, but it's the awesome atmosphere. And they have the best Jalapeno Margaritas and QUESO! I could just eat it with a spoon. It's definitely a fab place to check out. Many celebrities and politicians have dined at El Pinto and their pics adorn the walls. :)

Recommended by Tiffani @hello_luvs_
El Pinto Restaurant
My number one place to eat is El Pinto Restaurant. Imagine this... you are sitting down in one of the most beautiful tree-lined gardens while enjoying a cold margarita, fresh chips & salsa, and you
hear Spanish guitar playing in the background. Got-cha with the Spanish guitar, didn't I?
That's just the atmosphere, the food is equally as amazing! My husband and I are total
creatures of habit, our favorite is the Fiesta Appetizer Platter. The red chile ribs, yummy chile
con queso and guacamole are (as my husband would say) outstanding. We sometimes eat that as our meal, lol. It's that good! 

Go & Do
Recommended by Tiffani @hello_luvs_

Old Town Albuquerque
Do I even need to bring up the fact that Old Town Albuquerque is the home of the "Breaking Bad" Tour? lol, most people travel to Old Town for the tour alone. You are probably thinking, that sounds great. But, what about the kids?? I have 3 words for you, The Candy Lady! This shop is an Old Town ABQ staple. Generations have visited here for the BEST homemade fudge, and yup "Breaking Bad" Blue Crush Candy.

The Sandia Tram @sandia_peak_tramway
Sunset is such a magical time in Albuquerque, to the West you will see gorgeous golden skies. To the East you will see the Sandia Mountains turn amazing shades of pink and purple.

Casa Rondena Winery @Casarondenawinery
This winery is extra special--we took  our engagement and wedding photos here at this beautiful vineyard. It always feels like a little escape--Italy! It's open 7 days a week noon-7pm--I highly recommend a visit!

That concludes all of the recommendations to squeeze into your weekend plans. 

These ladies really went above and beyond for us! I'm so glad I could put together this travel guide and I hope it will help you. If I can answer any questions please feel free to reach out & I know my featured guest feel the same way. 

Wishing you a great weekend in Albuquerque!
The credit goes to 
Albuquerque Bloggers
Tiffani @hello_luvs_

Where to eat
Sandiago’s Grill at the Tram @sandiagosgroll
Marble Brewery @marblebrewery
Total Betty Donuts @totalbettydonuts
Level 5 at Hotel Chaco @hotelchaco
Satellite Coffee @satellitecoffee

What to do
The Sandia Tram @sandia_peak_tramway
Old Town Albuquerque
Greenjeans @greenjeansfarmery
Casa Rondena Winery @Casarondenawinery
Old Town Albuquerque @abqoldtown

See my post when I went two years ago here.

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