Saturday, September 7, 2019

Fall Booties at a Budget Friendly Price

Y'all! I just came across so many amazing pair of black booties, and I was like I HAVE to let my girls know. I am about to have to get ready for a wedding I'm going to this afternoon so I have to make it quick. But I knew these would sell out quick if I wasn't careful. 

I have had the same pair of black boots since my junior year of HIGH SCHOOL so I'm ordering a pair... or two..

Ugh! I'm so excited I found all of these. 

I hope you find a pair you can rock this Fall. I wear mine with everything. If you do order some, please tag me! I absolutly love seeing you in things you get from my reccomendations. I'm ordering these & these.

Have the best day.
 xx, bray

Oh, sorry I got side-tracked and found these too ;)


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