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The most commonly asked question to a newly grad is What’s Next? I can only answer that with what I think is next, but I’m still at the age where it could change at anytime haha

So what’s next?
I am going to peruse blogging through my personal blog If you’re reading this, well then you’ve found it :) I use my blog as a platform to share about my day to day life and cover topics ranging from fashion to travel and moreThrough this platform I am able to work with brands which generates an income. Another way I make money through my blog is by using affiliate links! Now, I’m not going to go in depth but I will leave you with the definition. 

“If a visitor clicks the affiliate link and buys the product that an advertiser pays a commission for, the affiliate gets paid.” 

In other words, if you shop by using the embedded links on this blog, I will make a tiny commission, tiny, but $0.20 adds up over time! You can support me by using these links when you shop or by saving them as a favorite on your computer, or adding them to your home screen on your phone. When you shop using my links, I GREATLY appreciate it. 

Learn how to save a link to your home screen on THIS blog post

You can save any of these links below 

The other platform I am currently working on is my online store Braylea’s Bazaar. I created this online store to be unlike any other. My main focus is to bring people together, on one platform, to share the things they love. Though the website is not quite finished, I’m still working with a web developer to make it perfect- it can be found at I am hoping to have this website finished no later than July! 

Not only will I be selling clothes, jewelry and home decor through Braylea’s Bazaar, I am also going to be offering personal styling and other products. I am excited for what the future holds for this small business! 

The last thing I wanted to tell you is that I appreciate you. If you’re on this post, I appreciate your support and just know you have probably helped me along the way in some form or fashion. 
xoxo, Bray 

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