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If you're looking for a place to live in Lubbock your options are pretty broad. I'm mostly going to go over apartments in Lubbock but there are a ton of options for houses as well!

As far as houses go, the popular area to live is Tech Terrace. I rented a room in a house my first year and loved it.

Here's where I have lived 
1. Home in Tech Terrace- it was a great experience and I loved it.

2. Capstone Cottages- Also a great experience and loved the complex itself. It's a little far from campus but busses do run from the complex to TTU. They are individual cottages which is nice. The units start at 3 bedrooms.  linked

3. The Holly kind of?- I had a bad experience with The Holly... therefore I would not recommend it to a friend anyone. Long story short the model unit they let me tour before signing a lease agreement did not look like the unit I received and I broke the lease on move in day. IF you're wanting a cheap place to stay and you're not picky, maybe consider it but I wouldn't. It's also far from TTU campus. 

4. I currently live at Park East Student Living. It is close to campus but has its pros and cons. I love the interior. I am in a 2 bed 2 bath unit and it's very spacious. The closet is huge, it's modern, and a pretty space. The downfall- it sits on Avenue Q which is a not a great street, I have very noisy neighbors, live on the 4th floor which is a headache when bringing groceries up, taking the dogs down 3+ times a day, etc. There is a pretty large homeless community behind the apartment complex. In my experience the apartment itself hasn't been awful, but it could be better. linked

Where I have not lived but either a friend has or I looked at it previously

Non-student living/Further from TTU
19West- I have toured these new apartments and to what I could tell they were nice! I looked at a one bed one bath apartment and really liked it. Each unit has small "backyard" areas too. If I were to stay in Lubbock, this is where I would live. It is the most budget friendly for a 1x1.

Calais at Elm Park- These are newish and very nice. They are pricey but if you're coming to Lubbock to get a job they'd be great! When I asked a friend she said pros: 1 story, attached garage, open concept, pretty features, large dog park, quiet and management is good. Her cons were "not much besides pricy, thin walls & no backyard.

The Cottages at Abby Glen view website

Close to Texas Tech University
21Hundred- I have heard it's very nice from multiple people. Check here first!

The Suites (3.7 star) at Overton Park & The Centre at Overton Park(3.9 star)- They are essentially the same complex. Similar floor plans, amenities, prices. They're across the street from one another and very close to campus. They are also both enclosed student living. 

Where to avoid

The Ranch- google it...
The Bloc
The Cottages (this is different from Capstone Cottages) - I've heard they get broken into frequently
25twenty- friends cars have gotten broken into 

Final thoughts
All reviews simply come down to personal preference. All content in this post are simply my opinions. There could be an apartment that one person loves & another person hates. Take a tour, ask around, read reviews, email with management, etc.

Good luck finding somewhere in Lubbock! 

If there is somewhere I didn't mention you're curious about, feel free to reach out to me and I can ask around for you! 


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