Hey, y'all! I'm Braylea (pronunciation: bray-lee) and I want to personally welcome you to my blog. If we were in person I'd hug you and tell you I'm glad you're here but since we're not, let me just welcome you through text! was curated to be a spot where you can drop off your ego at the door and realize we're both people just trying to get through life! Here we talk about life, both good and bad, style, budget-friendly traveling, college, money, and your occasional girl-talk about cute boys and stuff. On here I don’t have my crap together but I smile like I do, and want to teach you how! 

If you're ready to go ahead and dive in here are some topics I talk about frequently on this blog.
Everyone has their lifestyle, in this category I share about mine.

Classic, trendy, & typically budget-friendly. 

I am always planning my next adventure in my mind. I have no self-control when it comes to traveling. I want to see EVERYTHING. There's a song by Bryce Vine that explains how I feel "Nowhere Man."

I am currently a public relations major at Texas Tech University. I've had my fair share of what not-to-dos at college and want to help you prevent making the same mistakes!

Truly, I'm a foodie at heart. I try my best to balance eating for my body and eating for my heart.

How I got started 
I started my blog Sweet Southern Vogue when I was a senior at Graham High school in 2016. I officially ‘went live’ with Sweet Southern Vogue in January of 2017. No need to scroll up to the top to see what website you're on. In July of 2018, I completely rebranded Sweet SouthernVogue blog to You can read about why I did that in this post. (real quick, any words that are colored, will link you to the thing I'm mentioning if you click it!)

Why I rebranded
Long story short, when I started a blog I wanted it to be mainly fashion-focused. 'Being trendy without being spendy' was my niche for all girls that ranged from high school to college. Quickly, I realized I was learning way too much about Life, College, Bussiness, etc to not let my girlfriends in on it. I still share my love for fashion but fashion is just a small aspect of my life and now it's just an aspect of Again if you want the lengthy version it's here

My Mission
I am a first-generation college student, traveler at heart and share 80% of my free time with a sweet and handsome guy named Connor. High school sweethearts :) When you are on my blog I want you to say at least once in your head "Girl me too." Whether it be college talk, committed relationships or anything else beyond the smile on my face!

 If I can make you realize that we're all in this together and no one has everything figured out, then my job here is done. Grab your girlfriend and get to reading. 

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