Good morning!! I hope your Holiday season is off to a good start. 

Today we're going to shop for one of your least favorite things to shop for. 

Chinese Christmas, White Elephant, or one of the other gift-giving games that can all be categorized as gifts around $20. 

I feel like shopping for one of these gifts is usually done at Walmart the night before. Let's save you a trip to that dreaded place and get that gift bought now

My family usually does gifts between $20-$50 when we play gift games or when we need to get someone a gift that isn't in the immediate family. Teachers, friends, etc. So, I'm going to stay in that price range but if you're in the market for something a little bit more expensive I've heard all of the barefoot dreams products are amazing, especially this blanket. The Kardashians have it for goodness sake.

Gifts around $20
all from Amazon and can be delivered to your door

Save these thumbnails to your Pinterest board! 


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